A WordPress Exploration

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Exploration Guide Steps

  1. Change your site’s title and tagline: Pick a title that will draw your reader’s In!
    Do you want a tagline? How could it be useful for you?
  2. Write your first post: Tell us what you did this weekend. Use at least one image. Bonus points if you embed a video!
  3. Write more posts; put them in categories: Categories are how you can organize all your content and make it easy for your readers to sort through.
  4. Add a featured image to a post: Every post on your site can have a featured image. When you add them, how does it display on your site?
  5. Create a bio page; add a picture: Tell your readers something about you and the purpose of your site. Put up a picture that represents you — it doesn’t have to be your photo or a photo of you!
  6. Create a welcome page and set it as your home page: Your blog posts don’t have to be the front page of your site. . .
  7. Change your theme; find its support site: Themes change the way your site looks without affecting your content at all. But each one may have different options. Find the support page and any available documentation.
  8. Download and activate the Akistmet and Smush plugins: Plugins enhance WordPress’ functionality and these one catch fake comment spam and compress images
  9. Create a custom menu for your site: Link to your home page, blog page, categories, and bio.
  10. Explore blocks: Blocks are how you build content in your posts and pages. Figure out how to add headings, lists, video, images. Move blocks around to reorganize your content


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