Test 2

  • "Squeaky", Rio Vasquez, (Acrylic, 16" X 22")
  • "Peace" Emily Claflin, (Acrylic paint, sharpie, mirror paper, colored pencil)
  • "Ignorance", Kassie Stanley, (Pen/colored pencil, 8x11 inches)
  • “Eye Taste Blood”, Brandi Partridge, (canvas, 11x14)
  • "Radioactive", Taryn Hines, (Acrylic paint on paper, 11" x 14")
  • "Safety", Amanda Franklin, (Mixed Media Collage, 11x14 inches) "I had so much fun creating this piece, and the fact that I was creating something somewhat “taboo” gave me this immense feeling of freedom and satisfaction."
  • "A Part of Nature", Amanda Franklin, (Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 9x12 inches) "We ARE nature and what we do is a part of nature."
  • "UltraFemme", Mary Thompson
  • "So we have between 100,000 and 200,000, (deaths) and we altogether have done a very good job", Michaila Sheehan, (tarp and spray paint, 6ft x 2ft x 4ft)
  • Sheyenne Lester, (mixed media, 16x20)
  • "Take the Edge Off", McKenzie Collins, (Acrylic, 36" x 30")
  • "Rhythm", 2019. Moses Strout, (Silk & Screen Print) "This print deals with my recent fascination with reverberating lines that seem to echo the subject and bring a sort of chaos to the piece. I have also been interested to see the viewers reactions to chaotic pieces I have done in the past. It is something I have been trying to bring to the viewers intention and make them reflect on why this is hard to accept just because of the way the eyes struggle to focus on the subject."
  • K.C. Pellerin, Photograph of a clay sculpture, Clay sculpture head pictured in a forest. The Piece represents the reclaiming of the Earth from humanity.
  • "Creep", Olivia Smith, (Acrylic painting, 8x10 inch)
  • "Down The Rabbit Hole", Luke Denis, (Plaster, Burlap, Chicken Wire, 24"x16"x 12")
  • “Jaw dropper” two-part black mask, Jaycee Rowell, (paper mache, acrylic, yarn. 5’’ by 16”)
  • "Finger Lickin' ", Gwen Hoyt, (2D, oil paint, 42in x 36in)
  • "Juicy", Gwen Hoyt, (2D, oil paint, 36in x 32in)
  • "Squirmy Wormy", Gwen Hoyt, (2D, oil paint, 36in × 42in)
  • "Make Art Then Kill Yourself", Andrew Heath, (2D, 32"x40" Gold Leaf and screen printed ink on Masonite)
  • "Nudes", Andrew Heath, ( 2D, 11"x8" Screen Print on Muslin)
  • "DickGirl Sticker Series 1, #1 and #2," Andrew Heath, (2D, 3" tall, Screen Print on Linen, scanned, printed on Vinyl Sticker)
  • "Portrait of a Couple", Andrew Heath, (3D, 60" x 30" each, Oil Paint, Canvas, Wood)
  • "Raven", Eric Meldner, (2D, 14" x 11" Pen and Ink)
  • "Slither", Ursula Hoyt, (2D, around 16"x13", watercolor and pen)
  • "The Process of Healing", Erin Gaumond, (With lights on, 3D, 4ft by 3ft, Mixed Media, hung from the ceiling.)
  • "The Process of Healing", Erin Gaumond, ( With lights off, 3D, 4ft by 3ft, Mixed Media, hung from the ceiling.)
  • "Confined", Erin Gaumond, (3D, 20in tall, plaster and paper, placed on a pedestal)
  • "Untitled", Jasper Wilder, (2D, 13 inch by 13 inch, acrylic) “This isn't a asking for acceptance for the less conventionally attractive people, It's a royal fuck you and get the hell over it.”
  • “Vagenis”, Callie Dawson, (3D, 16” X 24”, mixed media: plaster, bubble gum, acrylic, and stuffing)
  • "Art That Shocks Sticker" Callie Dawson, (2D, Sticker)


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